Dry skin is a very common skin condition that can occur at all ages. When facial skin becomes dry it can feel rough and tight, even reddened, scaly and itchy.

Restore natural skin moisture with one of our facials to treat and prevent skin from becoming dry.


55 minutes / £68

Skin Type: Sensitive & Sensitised skins

Results: Beautifully calm, stress free skin

This facial is excellent for the relief of both sensitive and sensitized skin. Dermalogica’s super soothing cleanser removes impurities from the skin, followed by a calming oatmeal masque with steam that instantly calms redness and reduces inflammation.

55 minutes / £68

Skin Type: Mature, ageing skin

Results: A rejuvenated, more youthful complexion

Skin ageing is treated at the source by addressing the actual biochemical reactions that trigger the changes in the skin before they start. Perfect for those concerned about skin ageing.

Aromatherapy Associates

50 minutes / £65
80 minutes with back massage / £90

Skin Type: All skin types, in particular dry, delicate and finely textured complexions

Results: Smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind

80 minutes / £95

Skin Type: Mature, ageing skin

Results: A firm, plumped and more youthful complexion

This repairing and anti-ageing facial works with natural oils of inca inchi and larch extract which stimulate collagen formation to deliver firm and tightened skin, whilst the anti-inflammatory properties of pomegranate and rosehip seed oil work on slowing down the effects of ageing skin.